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  • Belaey Trial Show - Pedal to the Medal

    Belaey Trial Show - Pedal to the Medal

    5 Décember 2014

    The English translation will be available soon.

  • Eco Mobility Test Track

    Eco Mobility Test Track

    4 Décember 2014

    Starting at the entrance to Hall 1, come and discover the latest innovations to do with ‘green’ vehicles on an outdoor track.

  • Segway Track

    Segway Track

    4 Décember 2014

    You’ve heard of them, and you’re sure to have seen these two-wheelers in action before, but have you ever ridden one?

  • Ibeacons on the Show

    Ibeacons on the Show

    3 Décember 2014

    Ever heard of Ibeacons?


  • Job On Wheels

    Job On Wheels

    2 Décember 2014

    Are you an avid car or motorcycle enthusiast, a student in the automotive industry or someone looking for a job in this exciting sector?