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I Love Pub & Connected Zone

1 Décember 2013

I Love Pub & Connected Zone

Everyone gets irritated on occasion by those annoying TV commercials when they’re watching an exciting film. But what if we made a careful selection of the very best car and motorbike TV adverts from around the world since begin 2000 and served them up to you in a cosy cinema decor?

I Love Pub offers you free of charge 45 minutes of relaxing footage, so you can leave the bustle of the Motor Show behind you for a while! I Love Pub takes place in a box on the lower level of Hall 5 (Atomium side). There are continuous showings for 120 people at a time.

Right in front of I Love Pub you can find a Lounge Area where, in addition to a number of comfortable seats, you can also count on a free Wifi connection (select Auto Moto Salon 2014) and charging stations for your Smartphone. Stay connected and spread the Motor Show news!

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