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Cleaner Mobility

16 November 2013

Cleaner Mobility

Special attention to alternative urban and intercity transport…

We’re entering a new era in the automobile sector, in which quite a few innovations are making their debut. To spotlight these new developments, we’re once again organising a special exhibition. At “Cleaner Mobility” you can get acquainted with a number of those actively involved in the world of alternative urban and intercity transport.

What exactly are we talking about? The lower level of Hall 4 is being transformed into a green island of vehicles and accessories that make use of or are linked to alternative energy sources; for example:

  • electric cars
  • recharging systems for electric vehicles
  • vehicles on natural gas (CNG)
  • hybrid cars
  • various other vehicles that fit into the concept of alternative urban mobility.

“Cleaner Mobility” brings together all these parties so that you as a visitor can find your way more easily and better inform yourself on the various possibilities these new developments might offer you.

You can test drive an eco-friendly véhicle on the Eco Test Track in Hall 2.

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