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The e-card: ingenious, practical and eco-friendly...

From Tuesday 14/01/2014 until sunday 26/01/2014

The e-card: ingenious, practical and eco-friendly...

The e-card, an ingenious, practical and eco-friendly system for collecting information…

No more walking around the Show with kilos of magazines, brochures and documentation! Thanks to the success of the e-card during the latest Motor Shows, we were able to save tonnes of paper!
So don’t wait any longer to take advantage of the e-card again during the 2014 Show.

What is it?

The e-card is a system that allows you to collect digital information free of charge from participating exhibitors. It also allows you to participate in various contests and activities and to post news on your social networks.

How does it work?

  • At the main entrance to the Show (coming from car park C), you will receive a card equipped with a RFID chip, as well as an explanatory brochure, free of charge.
  • You will find registration terminals at the entrance to the Show (coming from car park C), at the entrance to the motorcycle halls (Halls 1 and 3), and in the passages between the halls. These terminals allow you to activate your e-card by linking it to an e-mail address or Facebook account.
  • During your visit to the Show, you can collect information and participate in activities and contests organised by the participating exhibitors. To do this, you need only “swipe” your card along the terminals at the stands of the participating exhibitors.
  • Then connect to the internet, during or after your visit (with a Smartphone, tablet or computer), and consult the data collected during your visit by entering the 4-digit code of your card.

We invite everyone to “swipe” all they want, to reduce the distribution of paper media as much as possible. This will be your way to make a small gesture toward the wellbeing of our planet!

We thank you, and all the participating exhibitors, in advance!

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