The official website of the Motor Show offers you :

  • A young and dynamic look based on the Motor show poster
  • Good ergonomics and navigation to facilitate your research on the website.
  • Practical information and maps of all Motor Show facilities (parking, toilets, restaurants...), downloadable maps with several interesting routes  to follow, to allow everyone to better prepare his visit to the fair.
  • An exciting and motivating content with the latets news, pictures of the Show and all premieres and prototypes that will be shown, exhibitor pages with videos and so on.
  • Access to the e-ticketing shop
  • Direct access to the portal site of the automotive sector
  • Direct access to the Facebook and Twitter pages of the Motor Show
  • Contests, interactive tools, as well as Smartphone applications that will motivate visitors to return regularly to this site.

The Motor Show site is able to mobilize 350.000 (Commercial Vehicles) to 500,000 (Auto Moto) visitors in January. A big number of visitors for just one month, thanks to the good SEO on Google and the major advertising campaign in which we systematically find the URL of the website.

Remember that each visitor spends an average of 4,5 minutes on the site and consult 4.35 pages. Thanks to this, we generate up to 2,200,000 page views in one month. So your brand won't be overlooked on this site !

Don't hesitate to contact Skynet to determine the web-package that suits you best:

  • Classic online campaign : Leaderboards, Large Overlayers, Rectangles, PreRolls en Buttons
  • Packages combining innovative formats (Display, Vidéo en Search)
  • Special campaigns tailored to your needs, with p.e. a  TV Spot
  • Online contests to attract a significant number of visitors to your site

For inquiries and wise advice please contact :

Skynet Advertising

T +32 2 202 46 78