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Welcome to FEBIAC’s portal.

FEBIAC vzw is the Belgian federation for automobiles and two-wheelers. It represents manufacturers and importers of road vehicles (cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles) and their suppliers in Belgium and at the European, international, federal and regional levels.

FEBIAC vzw is working proactively to create a positive and sustainable business climate for the automobile and motorcycle industry. To this end, FEBIAC implements an active policy of promotion on behalf of the sector.

This is accomplished by organising automobile and motorcycle shows, but also through this portal, where we would like to set up a sort of automotive directory. The objective is to collect URLs and supply information about all companies, products and services in the sector to the benefit of everyone who is interested.

Obviously the site needs to grow and will gradually contain more and more interesting links. We hope that we can count on your collaboration for this. Both for inserting new links, and for visiting the web pages.

Thank you for your interest in our site.

The portal team